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Collectible bottles

The combination of our greatest passions: WINE and ART!

The idea of this collection of hand painted bottles created by great artists was born some years ago because of our belief that the union of these two Italian outstanding features (wine and painting) is an important added value to be exported around the world. Indeed, agriculture and art represent unique and unrivalled patrimonies of Italy that the entire world admires and desires. Millennia of history and traditions created in each and every region of our boot-shaped country some characteristics that no other country in the world can boast to enclose in such narrow places that are so close to each other. This reasoning drove us to blend these passions and to create every year a series of limited edition bottles that are hand painted by prestigious regional or national artists. Nowadays we are collaborating with the artists: Silvano Spessot ( ), Luca Pagan ( ), Gianni Borta (, Arianna Greco ( ) and the great group of 'Progetto Autismo FVG' ! For further details, please send an e-mail to:

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