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“Let’s protect the Environment for present and future generations.”

The Company applied on all the vineyards the dictates of organic agriculture and moreover participates in the project VTS (Vini di Territorio Sostenibili) (Wines of Sustainable Territories). This project was born to develop a set of knowledge and expertise that can lead to the elimination of the use of synthetic insecticides and of fungicides and to the decreasing of the environmental impact of the cultivations on the territory. This is a pilot project in Italy that is also inspired by the application of the Directive 2009/128/EC but with the goal of improving its performance.

This project instilled in us a different approach toward phytosanitary treatments. We believe that an area is more or less predisposed to adversities according to a combination of factors, both natural and artificial. For sure, the climate and the features of the location are the main factors. At the same time, also the position of the vineyards, the modelling of the slopes on your soils and the treatments you use play their important roles. This is the reason why we want to concentrate on a preventive action to restrain phytophagous insects and cryptogamic adversities of the vineyard thanks to the creation of agrarian environments that are less exposed and predisposed to the outbreak of massive infestations.

We carry out the green manure, carefully analysing the seeding that we perform to support in the best possible way the fertility (or infertility) features of a certain plot.

We also believe in the use of renewable energy resources and for this reason we decided to invest in the renewable energies thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of our wine cellar. This action enables us to be completely independent in the consumption of electricity and the need of hot water. Our photovoltaic installation spreads on 432.30 square meters, with a number of 262 modules for a total energy equal to 60,610.29 kWh per year.

This constant commitment to the research for the perfect balance of our vineyard made us understand how fundamental it is to try to keep the BIODIVERSITY of our soil as intact as possible! We want to put out maximum effort in this field and for this reason we have started a project of conservation of the morphology of the sides of our hill and of its microclimates, through the protection of the trees and of the other species of plants that are typical of our territory. 3 out of 25 hectares of the soil of our winery are woods. This is a pivotal factor for the climate regulation of the bordering areas and for a flora and fauna balance. Moreover, we have started to plant new rose bushes, olive trees, cherry trees whose root system helps stabilizing the grip of the hill slopes in our area, which are very fragile and delicate due to their tendency to erosion. According to us, all this can lead to a real ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY…  

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