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Gold Yellow colour
Apricot sensations
and agrumi
Tobacco and honey hints
Almonds paste notes


Picolit is considered a gem of Italian wine. Probably, the origin of its name comes from the low production of its berries and grapes, or according to other versions, the small size of its grapes. This wine is always very valuable, just think that its production, even today, not exceeding in the whole Friuli 900 hectoliters. This is due to the fact that the Picolit bunch produces very few and sparse berries, about 10-15 berries per bunch.
Precisely for this reason has always had an image of great exclusivity, becoming in the past centuries the wine par excellence for the big events that delighted the palates of Princes and Popes. Carlo Goldoni called it the gem of Friuli wine brighter.


100% Picolit
Planting year:
Number of plants:
± 4000 plants per hectare
± 150 meters of altitude
Hilly with south- east exposure
Marl and sandstone
Area of the vineyard:
Colli Orientali del Friuli
± 1 kg of grape per plant
Training system:

Golden yellow


The nose opens with radiance, has the feeling of apricot, citrus, tobacco, almond paste with intensity and elegance.


Picolit relaxes at first on the tongue then enveloping the palate with freshness and intense aroma, as expressed in the nose, accompanied by a sweetness present but not sickly in balance with the excitement that only a product like Picolit can give.


Harvested by hand in small boxes (late September / mid-October). The harvest is done in several steps to try to pick the grapes in the best phase surmaturzione;
 De-stemming, crushing and soft pressing;
Fermentation and aged in oak barrel of 228 lt;
The aging period is of about 24 months, then we proceed to bottling;
After bottling the wine is aged in the bottle several months before to be release.


The classic match is with the foie gras and cheese green. We want to intrigue combining raw oysters, clams, caviar and raw prawns.

Serving temperature: 10 ° C

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